Board prices at our facility start at $1,000 a month.  Our staff is, knowledgeable, and has years of experience working with and caring for horses. You can rest easy knowing your horse or pony is in good hands.  We offer top-quality grain, hay, and nutrition to the horses, and we customize each horse's program to fit you and your horse's individual needs.

Full Board

  • Horses fed 3x’s a day. Customized feeding available for horses. Horses fed with Poulin Grain products with quarterly visits by grain nutritionist.

  • Supplements and Medication administered per request 

  • Hay provided at each feeding and throughout the day. Hay provided in stall and turnout.  

  • Daily turnout (weather permitting). Offering individual or paired turnout. Customized turnout of either short or long term turnout to choose from. Horses let out in our indoor arena when weather does not permit to go outside.

  • Stalls cleaned six times a week and bedded with shavings.  Straw offered to horses with allergies to sawdust

  • Automatic waterers cleaned, daily.  Additional water buckets provided to horses that dunk hay.

  • On site Laundry services available upon request

  • Horses hooves picked and bodies checked once brought in from paddocks.  Minor wounds treated. Owner notified of any serious injury or missing shoe. Farrier and/or Veterinarian called as needed.

  • Blanket, leg protection & fly gear changes as requested 

  • Choice of two veterinarians to pick from - Allegheny Equine Associates & Harmony Equine Veterinary 

  • Choice of three farriers to pick from - Eric Castello, Todd Allen, & Jimmy Keiser 

  • Quarterly visits from Equinity Therapy Solutions

  • Safe and reliable staff with years of experience. Horses checked throughout the day and during the night.

  • Veterinarian services such as hand walking, holding, applying medication and scheduling services available upon request.

  • Quarterly fecal checks and deworming at owner's expense

  • On site horse shows and clinics opportunities with discounted pricing as a benefit to living on site!

Training Board

  • Everything provided in Full board including the following…

  • 3 professional rides a week

  • Grooming & Bathing services upon request

  • Leg protection provided as needed during each training ride including splint, ankle and bell boots.

  • Kopertox, thrush buster and/or effol applied to hooves after each ride and grooming as needed.

  • Post ride grooming includes lineaments and legs wrapped as needed after jumping.

  • Ground manners and/or handling as needed depending on the horse

  • Weekly check up with owner on their horse’s progress per request

Consignment Board

  • Everything provided in Full & Training Board including the following...

  • Horse's prepped and advertised to potential buyers

  • Sale ad's including sites such as Warmblood sales and Bigeq 

  • Updated videos of horse every few weeks until sold

  • Horse Showing as needed (at owner's expense)

  • Weekly check up with owner on their hose's progress per request

  • Horse's held for pre-purchase exams

  • 15% commission of final sale/lease price

Additional Services

  • 15% commission of sale, lease or purchase price

  • One hour private $75.00

  • One hour group lesson $50.00

  • Professional ride $65.00 ​

  • Horse Show Services upon request

  • Grooming services

    • Mane pulled/braided/trained $15

    • Clipping of face, bridle path, ears and fetlocks $25.00

    • Body Clipping (includes bathing) $150.00 (sedation additional fee)

    • Grooming and bathing $15.00 per session / $300 a month

  • Tacking and un-tacking horse services available

  • Packaging supplements $10 per month

  • Outside trainer fee's $15.00 Per Lesson / $65.00 per month

  • Holding horse for farrier/veterinarian/dentist $10​

  • Rehab Services available on a case-by-case basis