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Salvatore                           USEF: 5647915

2006, 16.2 oldenburg gelding.  Charlie, is the ultimate packer that any trainer desires to have in their program!  He is easy, quiet and reliable.  Auto changes, can see his own distances, and counts down the lines!  He will always take care of his rider.  Stick & spur type ride, Charlie has taken care of everyone from the first time rider to the 3ft Ariat medal rider.  Whether he is ridden daily or once a month, he always comes out quiet.  Whether you want to play in the hunter or jumper ring, Charlie is game for anything!  There is zero spook or stop in this guy and will always pilot his rider around.  Charlie requires age appropriate maintenance and requires zero prep at the shows.  This is a great first type horse for someone wanting confidence or is looking for that first horse type. 

In-house half lease available 

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